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With so many brands and styles to choose from, picking the top ten waterfall cardigan brands is a challenge. Fortunately, it's a challenge we are up for.

Mossimo ® Black: Women's Waterfall Cardigan Sweater in oatmeal and cream stripes (vertical at the back and horizontal in the front) is one of the top sellers online. Made from a mix of cotton, rayon, and nylon, it hangs below the waist at the front and back, while at the sides, the long waterfall folds reach knee length.

The alternating oatmeal and cream jersey knit stripes are wide and give the cardigan a classic, yet casual appeal. With an open neck and long sleeves this cardigan would be great for day or evening. The oatmeal and cream colors would look stylish with a pair of black pants or black jeans.

This waterfall cardigan is one of the few brands that come in a wide range of sizes (XS - XXL) so, no matter your body size, everybody can enjoy wearing it.

Second on the list is the DKNYC Long Sleeve, Draped, Waterfall Sweater. This sweater comes in Black, Rose and, Blush Pink. Sized from small to extra large, the extra small buyer may have a problem.

The DNKYC waterfall sweater has an open neck and long sleeves. It also has a cascading waterfall, which gives the front a layered look. This sweater is hand wash only and is made from a mix of cotton, acrylic, and viscose.

The length, which comprises the waterfall effect, hangs at the front, rather than at the sides, as with the Mossimo® Black cardigan above. More than twice the price of the Mossimo ® Black: Women's Waterfall Cardigan Sweater, the DNKYC also has a more feminine and dressy look. It is a waterfall cardigan that will work very well for both casual and evening wear.

The Ruffled Space-Dyed Waterfall Cardigan from Alfani, is third on our list of the best ten brands. The open neck and long sleeves follows the trend, though this cardigan has a ruffled border from the neck to the mid-chest where the cardigan has a fastener. Machine washable rayon, the space-dyed cardigan comes with horizontal stripes sized from small to extra large and, sits at the upper thigh.

Next in our list we have our most expensive cardigan - the J. Jones, New York Draped Waterfall. This cardigan even looks expensive. A mix of nylon, viscose, cotton, and, angorarabbit hair, make this a 'dry clean only' garment. The waterfall folds cascade from the neckline into multiple layers at the front. The ends of the long sleeves and hemline are styled with ribbing which definitely adds a touch of class.

Fifth on our top ten list is a plus sized cardigan by eVogues Apparel - the Black, Open Front Shawl Collar, Plus Size Cardigan. Also available in Grey and Red, this waterfall cardigan is sized from 1XL - 5XL. The back of the cardigan sits at the upper thigh while at the front, the long waterfall fold rests just above the knee.

The waterfall runs from the neck all the way down the front and is marked with a stylish and unusual design at the waist. This is a great cascading waterfall cardigan for any event, casual or formal.

For our sixth choice we have the high-end Magaschoni Long-Sleeve, Silk-Cashmere Waterfall Cardigan. In silk and cashmere, this cardigan is not for the budget minded, but, it fits like a glove, and, the luxurious blend of fabric can only help transport you to magical moments. Choose between Berry and Black in sizes from Small to Extra Large.

Next in line would be the AZ Paris Waterfall Cardi. A mixed blend of polyester and acrylic makes this a hand wash garment and it's best to follow the instructions, otherwise, it will look sad pretty quickly. This waterfall cardigan is classic and stylish and sits at the top of the thigh. The long folds of the waterfall reach to the lower thigh. Long sleeved, and, in grey or black, the AZ Paris Waterfall Cardi can be dressed up, or down.

Our eighth on the list would have to be the Oli Basics Waterfall Cardigan in grey. Made from viscose, this cardigan can be thrown in the washing machine so it's great for every day frequent casual wear. Although it looks great on any figure, this style suits the fuller figure best.

In our next place we have the Windsmoor Waterfall Longline Cardigan. This is a stylish and fitted cardigan with long sleeves, and, ribbed accent at the waist and, the full length of the sleeves. Sitting at mid-thigh, the Longline is a blend of cotton and cashmere, which provides the element of luxury. The waterfall effect falls from the shoulders to the waist where the cardigan is fastened. This is the perfect cardigan for a cool day or evening but is better suited for casual wear.

And last but not least we have the Portfolio Open Front Waterfall Cardigan. This cardigan is a true longline, reaching to the knees, and, is open at the front. With fitted sleeves - complete with 5 buttons at the cuff, the Portfolio waterfall cardigan is as suited for casual wear as it is for evening wear. In Black or Light Blue, the Portfolio Waterfall Cardigan is washable and will suit any mood or occasion.

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